Monday, June 20, 2016


 Seriously it is pure, organic joy and is the f'ing most expensive smoothie ever!  But dang they are so good.    
Sunday mid day smoothie date with Courtney at Beaming.  It was HOT here is pleasant San Diego.  Okay not 115 hot like in AZ, but we are spoiled, temperamental, sensitive people on the coast and when it hits 85 it is HEAT warning.  Keep your pets inside, check on the elderly kind of hot. 

Seriously I was hot on Saturday in Ramona at 98 degrees.... Yes inland San Diego was hot, hot.....I live near the coast for a reason. 

I digress.... smoothie date post run/swim/run/swim/strength session.  Who does that? Right.... well is seems Mike Ricci's athlete does that. When does he have the time to create madness like this?  just sayin...  The runs were in the pool with ridiculous intervals and the swims ended up being over 6k.   Why pool running.... more on that later.  Let's just sat the foot is not cooperating.   And then lets do some squats, single legged dead lifts, lunges, core work, leg press, and monster walks for fun! 

I was ready for some deliciousness! the bonus of paying $12 for a smoothie is they always have copious amounts of samples-  think Costco but organic, fresh, no shopping carts and no one is pushing you out of the way for the hot pocket.  They sample fresh foods, smoothies, baked goods.... small lunch happened when I tasted them ALL! 

So after my deliciousness at Beaming and my sticker shock $12, I decided to re- create The Daily Lean and Green later in the day. 


Lisa’s Daily Lean and Green

3/4 cup almond milk (we sprout our own that you can buy at any of our locations)  I  did not sprout my own
3/4 cup coconut water
2–3 Tbsp Beaming Plant-based Superfood Protein Powder  used vega
2 T Superfood Greens 
1/4 avocado used 1/2
1/4 cup frozen banana
1 large handful of spinach used spinach and kale- and more like 2 handfuls
1 tsp maca
1 Tbsp hemp seeds for garnish

Blend all ingredients in Vitamix.  for about 30 seconds. Sprinkle the tablespoon of hemp seeds on top. Enjoy

So I did ENJOY but I can tell you DON'T be overzealous with the Kale and Spinach and DON'T, do not, DO NOT add beet powder unless you want to make it a smoothie cleansing session. 

Check out the menu   - my other fav's are
- Sexy Mayan
- Rockstar- sub avocado for date 

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