Sunday, May 22, 2016


So I would not describe myself as someone who loves school.   Looking back to may days at LSU the academic piece was not the top of my list of "what I miss about being in school"  In theory I want to be that person that decides at 50 to learn a foreign language, gets a masters degree, go "back" for another degree  ...but I am not.

The extent of post college education has been sports based... I took a series of online classes through UCSD about 10 year ago: Kinesiology,  Exercise Physiology I and Nutrition in Sports Exercise and while I "loved" it I DID not continue and apply for the masters program. I got some baseline knowledge to better understand Triathlon and went on and got my USAT Certification and do annual classes to keep up my Certification. 

As for my other job at HPN Global.  I go to seminars, one day classes and sessions for stay current and learn but nothing that adds initials after my name.

There is an evil  tool named Exel that I use somewhat frequently and I fear it, loathe it and wish I had a fairy to make it work.   Every time I use it I hack away, curse 4-5 times, take hours and I simply know there is an easier way!  

So I signed up for Microsoft Excel Basics:   Class promises...

  • Master Excel formulas and functions
  • Design and organize professional looking worksheets
  • Add charts and graphs to give your spreadsheets a visual punch
  • Copy, move, delete, insert or replace anything in your worksheet with ease
  • Solve common printing problems and end irritating surprises once and for all
  • Create and use simple macros that save time and sidestep mistakes
  • And much more!
I cannot say I was excited to go but the class was great!  High energy, engaging, witty instructor and I learned a lot.  He said that likely 70% of what we learned would be forgotten by Sunday  - he is not far off BUT today I did a complicated (for me) comparison of 3 destinations and I used 10 of the tricks I learned.  I saved a bit of time and my sheets are "spiffier" 

I was so impressed I joined the "frequent learner  program"  For $199 I have access to as many classes as I want in a year!  They have all kinds.... 2 more Excel and many on communication, marketing etc.   I am committing to one class a month, minimum! 

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