Sunday, March 6, 2016

Younger, faster, stronger

Today I woke up the drum of rain wishing I was younger, faster and stronger.... I pondered that for a bit.  Closed my eyes and decided to wake up again.  This time I was appreciative to be thinking about my long run, the solid ride I did yesterday and the upcoming week of training. 

After 6 cups a cup of coffee, some relaxation with John, we headed out in the steady rain for a solid run with Roo and Mako. We cut it short due to the rain and wind. I changed, grabbed water and headed to the gym and was on the treadmill 10 min later finishing my run.  I had a 10 min tempo effort and i was stressed eager to see how it would go.   It was better than expected!  Run was solid and topped it off with an extra mile!  Go me!  Coach was not quite as proud, well not at all happy... "stick to the plan" was the message.  

I was over the moon!  amazing how running dictates my mood..... Starting my day on a run with man I love and my pups is as good as it gets!  

when politicians were classy
While running at the gym the news broke of Nancy Reagan's death and the tribute that followed on CNN was inspiring, sad and pointed out how far we are today from the days of the Reagan's.  Forget the politics, it is the respect for the office, the respect for the American people and the respect for fellow world leaders.  Such class and demeanor.   WOW, compare that to the moronathon ( like this new word- I do) that is currently happening in our political system.   It makes me sad, embarrassed and wanting to google " how can we move to New Zealand"  .... dunkle/bramans down under - just maybe in our future. 

So I leave you with the saying I will NEVER forget Mike Reilly saying minutes before my 1st Ironman.  "there is only one thing you can control and that is your attitude" 

How is your's today? 

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