Saturday, March 5, 2016

On not compromising or lowering standards

Chatting arguing with my coach about should I or shouldn't I toe the line for Oceanside 70.3. Note I did not say should I or shouldn't I race Oceanside 70.3.  After 12 1/2 week off running and 4 weeks back running, let's just say my running is sub par.   Hopefully I will get to 10 miles tomorrow and that is a slow 10 miles and not 13 miles.

Emotionally I WANT to do Oceanside but intellectually I don't.  Why? It will be a sup par race, there is NO way I can get my run race ready in 4 weeks, not at my age anyway. 

So the conversation went like this.... 

Me: As long as I have 1 or 2 long runs I say I'll do Oceanside
Mike: Really?
Me: Yes it maybe slow but that's okay I will lower my expectations
Mike: Ok, than why don't you get divorced and move into a trailer
Me: what? Long pause.....okay I get it

Last year was a shit show a struggle. 2, only 2 races and one was marginal and the 2nd a disaster.  So the idea of another so- so race is not exciting..... 

I know, 4 weeks is a long time- says everyone
But your swim and bike are so strong- great but this is NOT an Aquabike, you need to be able to run.

So for now- the decision is NO Oceanside.... train, get race ready and race St George 70.3.

Super cute!  Wanna buy it? 
On not compromising... a year ago I made an impulsive and bad decision on a car purchase. Too many factors to go into in this blog and not that anyone cares.  Bottom line is the negatives outweigh positives for the Nissan Juke Nismo!  Yes it is cute, zippy and fun...but it is also not.....  So I dealt with it.  Along the lines of NOT living in a trailer, I am not driving the Nissan.    

Yes I took a hit, yes it is not smart to sell a new car 1 year later and YES I don't want to compromise.   So there.... for all the "why did you buy a new car?" "you just bought one"..... Look I did!   
even cuter!  and partially electric

  Life is dang sweet if the worries are
1- will I or will I not do Oceanside
2- dealing with a my car

I get it!  I am blessed.... thank you!  And not compromising 

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