Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter and lazy Americans

Still my favorite Easter cartoon
My dad sent me this picture with the caption "for lazy Americans" and it made me really sad...

My first cynical thought was these eggs are non organic. ( how d I know - the $)   So the poor chickens were jacked up on hormones and antibiotics and lived stacked on top of each other pooping on each others heads while forced to mass produce eggs.

  1- poor chickens 2- unhealthy eggs

My second cynical thought was how much fun the annual dying of Easter Eggs is.  Every year JD and Riley got a dozen of eggs (they were really when I bought brown eggs)  and it was an afternoon of dying, coloring, tie dying  eggs, creatively decorating and most likely eating  candy.  It was family time and a connections.

So the idea of strolling into Vons or wherever and buying pre-dyed eggs saddens me.

Maybe Riley and I will dye eggs on late Sunday now that she will be here on Easter....She was always planning to fly home Sunday and I had her flying home a week from Sunday.  I was so impressed that she was planning ahead by over a week for her visit only to realize I was a week off.  We had a good laugh imagining her texting me from the airport at 9pm and likely I would be asleep....Situation remedied and plane ticket now a lot more $.

More Easter information.... interesting that in SIRRUS radio there has been a serious increase in advertising for the Catholic Channel- tune in on Sunday.  Does that replace Mass or it it extra credit? 

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