Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ironman Insurance Policy - IT WORKS!

Life happens, injuries happen.....this was a great move on the part of WTC.  They outsourced it to Stonebridge Benefit Services, Inc.  Even better- let another company mange the "problem"

I have used it twice this year for a 70.3's.  IM St George 70.3 when I was injured and IM Santa Cruz 70.3 due to injury sort of...because of my injury in March/April/May I was not able to race Ironman Canada thus I transferred to Ironman Lake Tahoe which is 1 week post IM Santa Cruz 70.3 and thus IM Santa Cruz was not feasible.

So for an investment of $80 I have recouped $580.  Well worth it indeed.

The process is simple, download the refund request form, fill it out and provide necessary documentation and email it off.  72 hours after the race takes place you receive a notice like this. The check arrives a few days later.

Booking races months in advance can be risky...with this in place, the downside is much less.

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