Tuesday, September 15, 2015

IM Lake Tahoe - need a pool

Week of an Ironman I like to swim every day.  In a majestic location like Kona it's awesome to swim in stunning Kailua Bay every day, even grab a coffee.  But here in stunning Lake Tahoe this am it was 44 degrees with 16mph winds with a  "Wind advisory on Lake Tahoe, Small Craft advisory"  My assumption is that if a small boat is not recommended on the Lake neither is a person in a wet suit.

So I returned to the Truckee Pool.

1- It served the purpose (3rd time since I arrived) for a solid swim
2- it is NOT the Encinitas Y nor Alga Norte nor any pool I have swum in lately. 6 lanes indoor.
3- I hit up Masters on Friday and the coach was in the water and we ALL ( 5 of us) went on the same interval.  So the main set base on base + 25 for me, which um never happens. But I was respectful and swam along,  Finished up in my own lane.  This was not a Hux kinda workout, just sayin.
4- Pool temp 83 degrees.  Good for heat training? But since the lake is 60 and the air temp is lower, not sure the benefit.
5- No shoes on deck.  Bizarre- you go barefoot or they have handy shoe covers as you enter
6- $5 drop in fee.  Thankfully it is reasonable.
7- Pool was full today.. lots of triathletes with the same idea. We managed 3 to a lane, different paces and different workouts.
8- Locals are incredibly friendly and apologetic for fires - again.  One nice lady  offered up, "how do you feel about the snow forecast on Thursday?"  Well I cannot be surprised, it snowed 2 years ago.

It's all good.  Windy today but the rain last night cleared the air at least in Olympic Valley and it nice and clear.    Now I have a cool new app to track it AirQuality

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