Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tales of the mysterious calf/shin

3 weeks NO running!
7 days in my lovely new boot
Pain level the same as it was 21 days ago

Actions: 12 ART sessions, 3 massages, 6 laser treatments
Result: nothing

Time spent in Dr's offices/treatment locations:  10+ hours
$$ spent:  No disclosure

Mental State: up and down ( more down than up these days)

I was relishing in the fact I could ride by bike all I wanted... I was taking my bike to Boulder for some epic rides. Working on my swim stroke and getting in touch with my inner yogi (who is so tiny and buried so deep we are having a hard time connecting)

This weekend between being on my feet for 8 hours on Saturday and consecutive days of riding my shin is not getting better but possible worse. More aching and I feel it more often that not.

It took Dr D and a good friend  to say... " have you considered not riding ?"  NOOOOOOOO Okay the rational side of me gets this.  No running and a boot is not leading to relief so take out the other possible aggravater... why can't that be swimming.  It only makes sense but also makes me very sad.

I love my bike :( 
Riding is my favorite f the 2 sports!  Riding is my sanity and my social life.    But of course I want this to get better to night night bikes.... no biking in Boulder this weekend.

Bring on the wine, yoga, wine, swimming, wine..... 

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