Saturday, April 18, 2015

EAS Protein Powder and Electrolytes

Last week I received an invite to "test" a new product- Go Me!  I love this kind of thing... the marketing guy was great, "check it out and blog about it if you love it or even if you just like it"  If you don't you don't have to "fake" it. Fair enough.  EAS is not a sponsor of mine (disclaimer) and I don't make any $$ ( that I am aware of LOL)  from this.

So by nature I am not a protein powder kind of girl..... I use it when I am training hard for quick recovery when I cannot stomach real food.  When possible I go for real food.  I have a hard time with the artificial flavors and additives- but they serve a purpose and EAS is a cleaner product than many out there!  It comes with a nifty shaker to make your shake - so to speak.

Once the product arrived I saw the "testing" was not so much about the product but the new packaging.

1- square container- okay indifferent about that
2- when I took off the lid the scoop is on top of the foil-  genius - NO digging through powder for the scoop. I HATE digging through stick powder for the "hidden" scoop.
3- there is an ez way to store the scoop in the lid.   another genius move.

4 - foil comes right off with the little tab vs pulling and twisting and ultimately using scissors.

So- winner right there.  Easy to use, store and re-use.

I have the vanilla powder- and it is not too chalky and has a nice flavor.

If you need for "on the go" put the powder in the cup and keep H20 separate. Mix and shake when ready (post workout) to ensure it is fresh. Ez- good recovery on the spot.

For the record- I only use a protein drink like this for 3+ hours and when working hard.  Or  if I have back to back workouts ie: AM masters swim and than a bike or run- this works really well for that.  Liquid calories are easier to digest.

RE: Tri Club SD members- EAS is big sponsor. (click here) and log into the TCSD site to get your discount.

More on the electrolyte powder next time... 

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