Friday, January 30, 2015

Taking each workout as it comes

As an athlete I review my upcoming week on Sunday to plan for longer training sessions, plan work calls, prep for the workouts that scare me,  in general plan out my week so I can prioritize training my work and plan accordingly.
Roo chugging up the last repeat 

This week I saw on Thur I had a bike and a run.   90min-2 hour bike and a run off the bike 50 min.  Not a problem...

Bike:  Up to 2 hours. Good warm up and then 3-4x10" at 80-85% of threshold watts. Easy cool down - straight to the run!
unplanned matching outfits 
Run: 1:00  Right off the bike - either on treadmill or hill that's close by. Run 6x3' or 6x5' with 2' recovery (if on treadmill). Otherwise recovery will be your easy jog back to bottom of hill. Make these as close to race effort as you can. HR will rise up to LT by end of effort. Warm down properly for at least 10'.

I had 2 friends for the bike repeats and those were not problem....steady riding, was over the numbers a bit and all was good.  The run, Courtney and Roo suffered  with me.  Mako (slacker)  stopped the repeats after the first one, he hung in the shade of the Eucalyptus while we went up and down a  STEEP hill. Each time we came back he ran for a bit but as soon as we turned around he hung back.  #nohillrepeatsformako

Repeat 1 - solid and strong HR 172
Repeat 2 - solid a bit less strong  178
Repeat 3- the legs started to cramp (not from lack of salt) but worked.... HR 184 and 19 seconds slower
Repeat 4- was a slug fest- painful, HR 181 and 27 seconds slower- was I moving
Repeat 5 - survival- one foot in front of the other- HR 180 and 1:10 slower- DEAD

But I did it and without too much thought.... OUCH!!  secretly I loved it

First time for me run hill repeats after bike hill repeats.  I jumped on a conference call within 10 minutes- skaky legs, trying to recover and focus was a challenge.  I had a lunch meeting 45 min later but knew I needed some recovery in me ASAP.  Vitamix- greek yogurt, cacao powder, espresso powder, stevia and spinach smoothie- cannot taste the spinach and tasted like a chocolate creamy delight!  No pictures I was drunk in seconds....  Roo was rewarded with lots of cheese and Mako a tiny bit, slackers don't need recovery food.

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