Monday, June 30, 2014

Airplane comments..

1- if he person next to you (me) has in headphones and her iPad out ready to ready this is NOT an inventation for chatter. 
2- stretching and audible yawning repeatidly is not ok
3- when the person in the aisle seat gets up to go to the restroom, it is a good time for the rest of the row to go.  NOT 2 minutes after aisle seat reopens laptop and starts working. 
4- middle seat person.  STOP asking the window (excessive audible yawner) "watcha see out there?"
5- 50+ yo man playing some jewel game in iPad turn OFF the volume. 
6- woman behind me, do some squats so next time you fly you don't have to pull my seat to a horizontal position every time you stand up.
7- kiddie laughter is great at the park not so much on the airplane- don't encourage it
That's all for now...

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