Tuesday, June 3, 2014

26 hour week and food......

Logged one of my biggest training weeks (ever) last week.  Not hard to do when you start the week with a  6:45 min ride up Mt Laguna.... that coupled with another 6 hour ride Saturday along with my new Sunday routine which means starting my long run after swimming and biking ( in the heat of the day)  My point is not so much about training but about eating....if I go back to last weekend

Sat: 6 hour ride + 1 hour run
Sat: 90 min swim/90min bike/90 mining runes
Mon: 6:45 ride
Sat: 6 hour bike
Sun: 1:15 swim/2 hour bike/2 hour run
add all the mid week swim and runs and well...

That requires ALOT of calories.... and after a while, packaged bars become too sweet, too sticky, too barie....  ( my new word)  I stick to real food as much as I can- yougrt and oats, dried fruit, sweet potatoes etc
But on long rides, long training days packages work.

I thought I could never tire of Bonk Breaker-  with Coconut Cashew, Espresso Chip,  Almond Butter and Honey and Peanut Butter and Banana I was set, but by last Monday....I was OVER it.   I was over anything sweet and was drinking water only and taking SaltStick Caps Plus for my sodium, electrolytes and caffeine. (NO MORE SWEET)  So much that after our 7 hour Mt Laguna adventure I skipped Starbucks-  my usual reward of an iced skinny mocha made my mouth quiver thinking of the chocolate.  Instead ate leftover kale salad and salty roasted sweet potatoes. 

It got so bad I resorted to Frito's and Coke. Frito's ingredients:  Corn, Corn Oil and Salt.  Really not all that bad...and on a hot ride - they are the bomb- carbs, fat and salt.  Perfect!!!   As for the coke- I am not a soda drinker (except the 2nd 1/2 of an Ironman and on a really long day on the bike) and ONLY  real Coke- NO US  Coke- Mexican coke:

Mexican Coke is sweetened using cane sugar as opposed to high-fructose corn syrup,
Real food is good at times..... this past weekend I make almond butter and honey sandwiches on Miltons bread- delicious but flat and smashed,
This week on a recovery ride, Les offers me a bar I almost threw it at her was this a joke?   But when it comes to food I trust Les ( foodsensenow blogger an chef extraordinaire)
She offered me a Skout bar.  I thanked her and shoved it  placed it in my jersey to burn  to taste later.  Well funny later that day post swim I was starving and my "bar" stash in my car was gone,empty.... I recalled the bar in my dirty jersey on the floor of my car.  So I rescued Skout Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar and gingerly tasted it!  Love, love, love,,,,
- not too sweet not too gooey- had some substance - 180calories and I liked it!  Plus Scout was going to be the name if I had another girl - Riley and Scout - cute right? 
INGREDIENTS: ORGANIC DATES, ORGANIC GLUTEN-FREE OATS, ORGANIC PEANUTS, ORGANIC BLUE AGAVE NECTAR, ORGANIC FAIR TRADE COCOA LIQUOR, ORGANIC ALMONDS, SEA SALT. - See more at: http://www.skoutorganic.com/shop/organic-chocolate-peanut-butter-trailbar#ingredients-tab

I am definitely a Bonk Breaker girl ( as they are served on the IM Course) but I am for Skout to mix it up,  Les calories- I don't always need or want 270 calories in a bar and the flavors are good, love the brand and hope they make it. I found the bars at Whole Foods-  I've only tried the Choc Coconut and the PB- but loved them both! 

As for other eating.... big training is big eating and I am hungry all the time it seems....I seem to be snacking on the following (alot)

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