Wednesday, March 12, 2014

work, travel, training and listening to your body...

Tough weekend of training for me.  Perfect ride on Saturday (on tired legs) but executed 3x20 min intervals and hit the power targets - albeit nearly with tears on the last one.  The run off the bike was to be 1:10 with 2 miles ez and 4 at race pace (which I have yet to nail off a hard bike- will see what happens in Oceanside)  1- decided to run Lake Hodges (trails) 2- it was 88 when I started and was probably not hydrated well enough 3- the trail I picked was steeper and rockier than I thought 4- I carried a bottle 2 miles and doubled back for it and it was GONE  5- these are my excuses for an epic fail on the run and calling it a day at 55 minutes.  Not really a confidence booster.  HR was 180, pace was slow, legs heavy and I got a wicked blister on my big toe (under the callous)  

Sunday 1:30 run aerobic.  Hit relatively flat trails with flat legs.  Just not pop and mile 9 the blister popped, searing pain and I was hobbling. Another sucky run.  Also due to amateur move earlier in the week wearing running socks with my boots I had a big blister on my heel that hurt.  0-2 on the runs AND, AND my PF flared up. Not sure why- but it was achy while running and really sore on Monday.

Monday up at 4am for a flight to DC - I was sore and SHOULD have worn my running, safe, comfortable shoes and NOT my boots (even with my orthotics) Airports, plane change and walking and my PF was even angrier.  Monday night was all about work and issues - meanwhile rolling my foot under the table, icing, damage control.   Slept in the night split and Tue am woke up feeling ok.

10 mile run on the schedule.  I SHOULD have bailed on the run.  I fell into bed around 11:30 and was up at 5 to run (which was 2am CA time)  Headed out in the dark and was not comfortable so gutted it out on the TM. I should, should have stopped.. 0-3 bad runs.  When will I learn....

Tue and Wed were 10+ hour days on my feet and working, which is the WORST thing for PF but well gotta pay the bills.  There I was with my Hoka's and dress pants- major crisis management. Tue- bailed on my planned run and am now worried. What have I done...I am hoping a few days off running, laser treatment and continued stretching, rolling and icing and I will be ok. Travel and work stress me out and exercise is my sanity....but looking back now- ugh- I could have taken 3 days recovery, focused on work and come home ready to roll.   Looks like I'll be riding a lot....not sure about running for the near future.  

Frustrated with ME.  I know better.... 

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