Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Nutrition problems...Try Ignite Naturals


If you have read my blog or know me.... you know my nutrition challenges when it comes to Ironman.  Let's just say my last 4 IM's somewhere around mile 10-16 of the run I start the porta-pottie tour.  Sometimes every mile. 1- its NOT fun. 2- it affects my race due to time on the pot 3- loss of fluids makes racing hard.   So....I am continually on the quest for no GI issues.  

I can manage a 70.3 without issues.  It is the IM. 

I recently connected with Ignite Naturals via a friend who gave me a gel.  I cannot do gels.   1 gel while running within 10 minutes I am looking for a bush (even in training)  3 weeks ago at Miramar Lake (where there are porta potties ever 1.5 miles) I tried an Ignite Mango Peach Gel at mile 6.  Mile 7 no issue, mile  8 I actually felt the energy from the gel not the usual stomach cramping.  Now I was interested.  My next run I tried 2 gels- Mango Peach and WildBerry.  NO issues and I felt great.  So what makes them different?  Made from 100% organic fig paste or 100% organic brown rice syrup with zero fiber, Reload™ Energy Gels are made from real figs, brown rice and fruits to give overworked muscles and tired cells the nutrition they need to produce a natural boost of energy. It’s a wholefood energy gel for a holistic approach to producing energy. 

NO SUGAR (processed that is) I think that is the key for me.   And it's all good stuff AND it tastes good. Will see how they taste at mile 18 but hey- taste does not matter, it is about fuel that works.  So I am confident in using Ignite on the run.

BIKE- training I like real food on the bike - BonkBreaker is my nutrition of choice. But racing that does not always work AND with some new bike training that includes on the edge nearly puking  intervals I find I cannot choke down  stomach real food. And doing intense intervals without calories does not work either.  So.... enter IN Pure Carbs.

100% Clarified Brown Rice Solids: Easily digestible source of energy.IN PureCarbs seizes the natural fast-absorbing complex carbohydrate properties of brown rice while maintaining its nutritional benefits.  I used to use Carbo Pro - this is better....pure carbs but NO sugars.  I am starting to believe that sugars are causing my GI issues.  

Mixing IN Pure Carbs with IN Refresh Harness the lush properties of tropical and desert plants with IN Refresh. By using 100% plant-based high quality real food ingredients that are in as close to their natural state as possible without handing you a fresh tangerine or a cup of blueberries, IN Refresh seizes the natural fast-absorbing hydration properties of the plants while retaining their nutritional benefits. 

3 scoops IN Pure Carbs + 1 scoop IN Refresh 180 calories/bottle and it works!!!!

I am excited to put this to the test.....March 29!  Oceanside 70.3 will put it to the test. 

If you are interested in trying Ignite.... www.ignitenaturals.com and take 10% off IN0970

Hopefully local bike shops will soon carry the products..... or if you want to test drive a gel-  hit me up- I have a lot of them :)  

Stay tuned...there are more great products that Ignite Naturals makes but I am still testing. 

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