Thursday, February 6, 2014

Race Simulation

Saturday was one of the best training days ever and the caveat is I was not training, I was coaching.  15 of my athletes assimilated at Fit Carmel Mountain at 7am- by 7:15 they were divided into 3 lanes and started a 1.2 mile swim for time.  Out of the pool and onto their bikes for 45 mile hilly bike ride. The ride included 3 repeats of Scripps Poway Parkway, much more climbing that Oceanside, but the idea was to get their legs tired.  Off the bike a 4 mile run on rollers.  

The experience level and speed varied greatly but everyone finished and left that day feeling great.... they practiced pre - race nutrition, race nutrition and started a run on tired legs.  One forgot his bottles at home and had to wing it, another realized the same flavor in all bottles gets old, another shared that chewing and running does not work when you are tired and another that her awesome tri shorts were not so awesome running.  

The camaraderie was great,,, guys racing guys and everyone supporting each other. Post workout talk was fun to hear and one asked "where's the beer?"  next time...

ALL good stuff and so great to start figuring this out NOW and not on race day..... Proud coach and I am eager for the next one in March. 

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