Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Palm Springs Weekend

HERev + 1 Nytro = peace out
This was my 2nd year doing the PS duo.....Century on Saturday and 1/2 Marathon on Sunday. Last year we got scammed on Craigslist and had no accommodations and ended up 15 miles away and it was a sherpa kind of weekend.  This year... I crashed the HERevolution party house 1 mile from downtown.  We had this funky sort of renovated house that was perfect for 6 girls and 3 boys.  John, Ray and Tony came along with the girls. We headed out Friday and arrived in time to register for ride and roll into the house by 4.  Darcy and Leah had already uncorked a bottle and the weekend was off.

The rest of the house arrived 6-7:00 ish and we had smorgasbord to choose from.  I made vegan Thai curry with sweet potatoes and kale,  Leah killed a herd of cattle and bbq'd up the rib eyes (although some were still mooing) and Maureen replicated a bomb of a salad with baby kale, grapes, craisons, blue cheese, edamame and pears...yum!   There was a lot of wine going down....I had a glass and 1/2 - but that was my limit.
Cow or? 
Vegan or? 

Up at 5:30 with a pot of Steel Cut Oats and rolling down the street 6:10 in the dark toward downtown to meet Liz and Amy. Our plan was to roll before 6:30 with the 10,000+ crazies and hope to avoid the traffic jam of bikes.  My original plan was to ride hard...go for sub 5 hours but coach (that is another blog - yeah new coach) had very specific power guidelines and they did not allow for any hammering.  Luckily Amy had similar targets and we manged to ride along and talk nonstop for 5:20... and had an amazing day.  Other than the wind farm, which gee was really windy, the day was spectacular.  I felt great, rode well, fueled well and finished felling like I could have ridden a few more miles... I think we managed to talk NON stop for 5 + hours.... again what I love about triathlon. Best girl time is ON the bike.
Ready to roll!  Go Nytro! 

Shower and changed + real food- more kale and veggies and met the girls at the Blue Coyote where they started on the margarita's.  My belly was not 100 % so I was happy to socialize and  enjoy the Nytro + HERev camaraderie.

Post ride libations

Great to see my athlete out there!

We were back home close to 4 and it was nice to relax and catch up with some friends....  looking in our kitchen it was quite a site.  15+ bottles of wine, 30+ bananas and every all natural, organic, pure snack you can find.  Quinoa chips, hummus, avo's, kale, kale chips, almond butter.. other than the wine it was power food.

Happy to have a hubby who
rides and rolls with the girls 
Early night again- thankfully!  up at 5:30 for the 1/2 M.  So my plan was (before the coach chimed in) was to run easy as my longest run to date is 11 miles so the 13 would be a push, Coach's plan, go out at ideal race pace for Oceanside and see how long you can hang on. Oh boy...the problem here is that I have not seen a mile under 9:00 since I started back running and he wants me to run at 7:30... this looks like an epic blow up in the making.
So happy to be done!  Go Nytro 

So I flowed orders and at mile 3 it began to unravel but the amazingly good news is that it was not an epic blow up....I was expecting to see 8,9, 10+ minute miles but I manged to hang on and finish the last 2 mile 7:40's... with a time of 1:44.  I was dead..but elated - 5 min slower that last year but honestly with my training and my fitness I expcectd a 1:50+ so that was good news!  My foot felt great ....stiffened up big time Sun night and Mon was sore, but I had some laser (thank you Dr Olsen), stretching, ice and by Tuesday it was good to go.

Great to see another athlete finish the duo!! go Lisa 

It was such a fun weekend... solid training, super fun girls... Darcy, Leah, Kelly, Mo and Elaine, Liz and Amy and nice get away and play!!    Training, coaching, socializing.... living the life!!!

Thank you Nytro for making our team, Betty Designs for us looking so good and my favorite food on the bike BonkBreaker!   Living the dream.   

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