Saturday, February 15, 2014

Encinitas Swim Labs- video swim analysis

I had the pleasure to demo Swim Labs this morning and I was blown away.  The set up is genius...Located in Encinitas in an office park, there are 3 endless pools, changing rooms, showers and a nice lobby entrance with swim gear + caps/goggles for sale.

Mason worked with me as he would any 1:1 lesson. Explained the set up, had me suit up and hop in.  He set the current to a moderate pace and had me swim a few minutes.  The pools are 90 degrees, so very comfortable. With mirrors on the bottom and in front you have a real sense for what you are doing. It takes a few minutes to get acclimated to the current and the swim.

After a warm up, Mason had me swim comfortably for 2 minutes.  Then I stood up an on the screen was live video feedback.  Slow motion, angles and all you can imagine,  We both immediately saw I am starting to sight before I breath, look froward and then side breath (clearly triathlete style)  Effective in OW but not in the pool.  And with a closer look my left arm does not have the same angle in the catch and thus less efficient.

He showed me myself and then has a library of 100's of swimmers to demonstrate.  We then did a series of drills to isolate the catch and he videotaped each drill and we discussed.  The drills built upon each other and were clear and easy to follow (using many of the drills I use in my 1:1 swim sessions) and having the video instant feedback is sensational.  If an athlete does not get the drill, he has a library of elite swimmers doing the drill correctly and will run the athlete alongside the elite to show the variance.  The instant feedback is what is so amazing for both the athlete and the coach.

We then put is all together and videotaped again. It was so easy to see and learn.

They sell packages and I think the way to go is to buy 3. Go 1x a month for 3 months.  Mason, like me, will only give the athlete 2 or 3 key things to work on. Any more and the athlete is overloaded and gives up. We build with each lesson.  Master the initial changes and then we move to the next.

Mason teaches classic swimming (as do I), high elbow, hip driven, hinge catch and pull.  He has many videos to demonstrate technique and the side by side is amazing.  I did right arm/left arm drills and he put them side by side so I could see the variance.  The technology is slick and easy.

I highly recommend this to ALL triathletes- check in and see.  I am a reasonably good swimmer and still found 2 key areas to work on.   TCSD has a discounted rate with them and I have a deal set up for my athletes. I am eager for them to go in and I will attend to see first hand the entire stroke and we ( Mason and I) can co- coach and work together.    Please message me with any questions....

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