Thursday, October 31, 2013

Masters Swim

I had a 6:45 swim lesson and decided to get up early and go to Masters.  I have not been to masters in months....but I have been swimming a lot the last 2+ weeks and decided to show up.   It was an all freestyle day (thank goodness because I really, really dislike other strokes)  I had no expectations and was happy to see Ted there - Ted is about my pace or faster so I was eager to see how it went.  I was really happy, really happy when we
started doing sets on base interval and I was making them no problem.  Yowza... solid 300's and then sets of 3x100 and I was pulling solid 100's.  Super motivating and great way to start the day.  Backed up my swim with my 1st Elliptical session.  1 step closer to running.... 30 minutes on the elliptical and NO pain, NO swelling and it was good.  I didn't push it, much like spinning, I did the time and kept the tension low.  Keeping it safe! 

So I was super excited..... great swim and nice to be doing more than spinning and walking!  Baby steps and I am keeping them baby. 

From there it was onto Kaiser for the next 8+ hours.... Mom's pinned hip did not take and thus she was scheduled for a hip replacement.  Kaiser is not concierge medicine... check in at 8.. pre-op 8:45 and I said goodbye to her around 9:30.  Surgeon found me at 12:00 in the uncomfortable, smelly  plush surgical waiting room with the good news.  1- the pins were not healing (hence the ongoing pain) and 2- the replacement went well.  So good news....then the waiting and waiting went on and one.  Post op....blood pressure too low for her to move, blood pressure is up and no room to move to, then blood pressure down and cannot move. So every hour for 10 minutes I would walk down the hall and see her and then get kicked out and back to my "next"  Thankfully there was a Starbucks and a Sprouts near by and I was stocked up with Kombucha, dried kale chips, wasabe edamame, organic grapes, tamari almonds... all good.  Venti Latte x 2 and close to 5 we were moved to a room!  Yeah.. she had a room, was settled and stable.  And I sadly said goodbye  ran out of the hospital and headed home.   I hit my limit... 

Now it a big kale salad, chocolate and an oakey chardonnay... Somehow I managed to make phone calls, review contracts, follow up on a number of outstanding issues, had a athlete-coach meeting and set up 2 new athletes for coaching beginning Nov 1.  Have laptop + iPhone and will travel and work. 

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