Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Fun

Without real training I find I am staying up to 10, even 11 pm...holy cow!  It's all good for now...let loose, recovery, have surgery, rehab, no schedule and then crack down in December.

With that I wanted to go out to Haunted Trails in Balboa Park.  There is a maze and then a trail that you go through.  I convinced  went with Riley and a friend of hers. We had Greek food and arrived at 7:30 when the opened.  

The maze was terrifying.... we got lost, stuck and there were jumpy scary creatures, strobe lights, hanging things and a few times I freaked.  I was not sure we would get out. We did.. I sweating and my HR was higher than it has been in months.

Onto the trails, if I cannot run trails, may as well hike them in the dark with scary creatures.  It was maybe 20 minutes and I am sure I screamed 50 times and a time nearly peed... I jumped a mile and jogged (protect the knee, run from the zombie, he cannot touch me, run from the zombie.   We laughed so hard, screamed and it was just plain FUN!!  So glad we went.  

What else.... more spinning and swimming. I have to take a swim break- my arms are trashed and my shoulder is sore.  Not the labrum (thankfully) says Dr Wells but the tendon is impinged.  He worked miracles and it was good until I logged 3500 today and it is back.  He says to me "the good news is (although not sure I should tell someone like you) is that you are not doing damage to a muscle or tendon.  When you swim it just hurts and is inflamed. So you can keep getting treated, keep swimming and deal with the pain OR you can get treated, take time off swimming and feel better.  Ok so rationally, stop swimming.  My current state....Ok in a week I will back of swimming because then I can ride outside yes Dr, I understand. I will swim for a week will back off and see you next week and fess up that I was swimming.   Its my sanity...really.  Violins out please....have not run since 9/6, off the bike 2 weeks and now can spin 45 min easy on the trainer.  Let me swim.... NO CrossFit every :( Maybe yoga but not for a while.... I see Pilates, so good for me but so NOT CROSSFIT  in my future.  I get it, I get it...I don't like it but I get it.  I want to bike and run pain free!!!  Trade offs...I tell you 

And, and...my most favorite beverage of the year is in stock!!  Frankly I wish there was a ban on all Christmas Decorations until the day after Thanksgiving..but this holiday gem can gladly show up now!    I love it...not the soy nog, not the coconut milk nog, EGG NOG.  Yes is has 1000 calories and sugar and fat..I love it!  I love it best with rum, so occasionally I mix it up, but I drink it (cut with NF milk) over ice for dessert!  When I am training, more than 45 minutes, it is the perfect recovery drink.   I really need to get of the injured list- mostly so I can drink Egg Nog. 

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