Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 3 post surgery

Day 1 was a blur, Day 2 was Ironman World Championships = 10+ hours of couch time watching friends and professionals chase dreams and reap the benefits of so much work, Day 3 was hard, poor sleep followed by false expectations of feeling better, where in reality I felt nauseated, sluggish and depressed.  Day 4 was awesome... 10 hours of sleep with only 1 wake up and no added pain meds.  7:20 woke up refreshed and hopped, well glided out of bed, feeling less stiff and sore than the night before.   Eased downstairs and felt good enough to take the dogs out.  Beautiful morning, crisp and clear and we headed to the park where I walked, slowly, for 15 minutes and the threw the ball (left armed) for another 30 minutes.  Happy dogs, Riley was able to sleep in then I checked email and had a nice hour in the park.  Mako found a big mud puddle and got really, really muddy.... all 4 legs and his muzzle.  Riley was up by now and happily met me at the door and ushered him into the shower for a nice warm bath.

My office, place of refuge, is the couch.  I am camped out with my leg on 2 pillows, the ice machine on the floor, phone, laptop, window ledge for my various drinks and snacks, briefcase with random stuff, yellow pad and I am set.  I  had a rather productive work day.... conference calls done, contracts reviewed, hotels called- all done from the couch. Flexible work space... around 11 I moved to the garage and set up in an Adirondack chair, leg up on a Rubbermaid bin, chair has arms for my laptop and the benefit of this.... I can see the sun, Mako can hunt lizards in the front garden, Zen can relish in the sun and we all get a change of venue. 

Lunch arrived around 1pm, courtesy of my 79 yo mom who is pending another surgery to fix her hip...I can hear the walker as she arrives with a wonderful Greek salad in a bag.  The lame helping the lame.... she wants to help and I greatly appreciated it as Riley was out job hunting. 

I left the house for the first time since Friday with Riley for an appointment. Nice to get out... I survived in a car, away for 2 hours without ice and my couch.  And I am off the major pain meds and doing well Aleve.  Pain is tolerable.

Tomorrow....I get to take a shower! No more hair washing in the sink and bath in the sink.  I get to take off the gauze... sutures are inside and only steri strips.  Really excited.  And I get to walk more..... 

Post op is Thur and I hope, hope PT soon there after.    And tomorrow...I can drive too.  Life is looking up....Funny I was depressed about not running or riding hard and now I am simply excited to drive and leave the house.  


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