Monday, October 28, 2013

17 days post time flies

14 days post op and the Dr was great... looks great, mobility great, all is good as can be expected.  He took off the steri- strips and the deep incision bubbled up with blood - so he said 4 more days until I can swim. Infection in the knee is BAD, really bad. So Monday, my birthday I hit the pool, very tentatively.

I started with a buoy and open turns and was scared. Felt good to use the legs a bit but was tentative. Logged 3500 and texted Dr ( did I mention how accessible and awesome he is) and asked can I do flip turns and kick.  Reply "use the knee you are ok"  Tuesday I swam "normally", slow for sure but swam. While I would love to log 5K I am still nursing my shoulder ( throwing the chuck-it 2 hours a day due do injury + energetic Vizsla) and I want to swim every day.  Tuesday 3k.  Wed 3k. By Thur the ever so familiar "feel for the water" was returning.  If you know that feeling, it is blissful. I have done the same workout every day. 500sw, 5x100 on base + 5, 400 steady, 4x100 on base (ouch, as I can only make 2 right now) 300 (100ez100hard100ez) 3x 100 on base +5,  200 ez, 2x100 on base - 200 ez.  I am hoping hoping that by next week I can make 5x100 on base.  We will see. 

Feels great to smell like chlorine, have flaky skin, and frizzy hair  be exercising and feel sore muscles vs bed sores from sitting on the couch.

birthday with good friends, family, food and a lot of pity...hard to feel great when I am basically lame and feeling not great....but I had fun and felt a lot of love from family and friends so that is all good! 

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Friday I was cleared for 30 min spin!! yeah... went to a spin class I don't like indoor cycling let alone in a class but figured I would be entertained.  not really but got the 30 in and then thankfully John set me up on the Computrainer for my next days of spinning Sat :30 min, Sun: 45 , Mon: 45 and all is good....NO knee pain and while I am pushing pathetic power it is okay. Goal is ROM and to begin building back...Dr said if NO pain after indoor for a week I can get outside - yeah!!!  I don't want to overdo it but I really dislike the trainer.   I cannot wait to be outside again riding... running too (2.5 weeks) 

I hate the trainer...but am happy
to be riding at all

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