Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Random thoughts...

when it has been weeks since my last blog....I go to random thoughts otherwise I will never get back on the blogging wagon (so to speak)

- CrossFit rocks and sucks at the same time....I love every day I go.  It is challenging, fun and always different.  With the new format our warm ups are spot on for a triathlete. Functional strength, dynamic warm ups and very spot on for my weak spots.  Then we do strength.  Max weight for 3 sets of 5 whatever- squats, dead lifts, clean jerks... this is where I back off a bit as I don't want to be annihilated.  Then the WOD (workout of the day) some days manageable others are brutal.  2 min wall balls followed by 1 min double under jump ropes x 2. Red line effort 6 minutes and I am trashed.  Today 80m sled pull- 100 lbs and we "run with them" for time, followed up ring pull ups to failure, farmers carry 100 m x 5.  Yes one guy puked.  I have to remember that I am headed to the pool for a 4k swim and then a 2 hour ride so I try moderation when possible.  The days I go for it- I pay later.

- Crossfit Murph - Memorial Day we did the "Murph" - in memory of a fallen soldier.  Crosfit boxes do this all over the US -  1 mile run, 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats x 20, 1 mile run.  For time!  All said and done: 100 pull ups ( I used a bank) 200 push ups (this was the hardest of the 3 and about 1/2 way through I had to use my knees), 300 full squats.  59:07 was my time - it was great fun, crazy hard and paralyzed me for a week. What was my goal post Cabo....mix it up!  DONE!

- Family- FYI grown kids do not equal no stress!  nough said..... taking it one day at a time.   Had my 8 and 10 yo nieces from Boulder visit for a few days.... super fun age!  easy, fun, energetic and never wanting down time.  We beached it, dog beached it, hours in the pool, bit the boardwalk and had Fro Yo, played in the park and had a lot of fun!

- Vineman 70.3- I was on the fence about whether I would race....I wanted to commit to CrossFit and knew my running and riding would have to decrease.  Did not expect my swimming to suffer as well but things like Wall Balls and Push Ups to failure make swimming very hard.   I am going to race...I am still finding the balance of CrosssFit and longer rides and runs. Some days I am demolished and my power is low but other days my legs are responsive.  So we will see how the race plays out.  Planning Thur-Tue with some cool girls + John.  He loves a good road trip and it will be a nice summer break.   Although I am the 2nd to last wave which means HOT. HOT. back to CorePower Yoga it is.

I don think I'm hot = just liked the photo
- Yoga... doing pretty well- simply cannot do CF 3 days a week, 2 solid rides, 4 runs, 3 swims and 3 yoga sessions... just not happening.  So I have slipped to 1-2 yoga sessions a week as I increase riding and running.

-Running- 30 min a day for 30 days- did it!  and ran longer on many days....I was quite surprised how easy running became even when I was really sore and tired. I have not stuck with it as I was feeling some twinges and I don't want to be injured and I need to start logging longer runs- longer runs require a few days off running (for me anyway)

- Travel.... since Costa Rica I have been in LA for a day, Portland 2 days and off to Chicago for 4 days- all work all not  fun!

-Food- R and I did the 7 day Whole Food Challenge and it was great...since then she has gone Vegan and I am trying to stick to non processed foods  Although the longer rides and runs I have slipped to packages - Bonk Breakers are my current favorite - minimally processed, gluten free and organic - not too bad. Plus I burned out on Pure Fit and I love these... and my home made bars are great but I cannot manage the calories- I like to know how many calories I am consuming per hour. Have stuck with no caffeine after 12! Have not had 1 energy drink since Costa Rica (this was a big one and I am sure Monster has noticed a decrease in consumption in SD North County) Pretty good with no sugar but not perfect - lost it last weekend and went nuts with dark chocolate almonds.  I pondered Vegan but the next day craved, all out craved red meat, so had a bison burger for lunch. Then Copper River Salmon came to town and I had salmon for 3 nights... so much for plant based diet.

they look good....but taste better with salmon 
- Tempeh is not my favorite...we are trying.  we made lettuce wraps and ground up the tempeh and cooked with EVO, garlic, shallots, ginger and tamari and it was dry and yucky.   I ditched the tempeh and used salmon + the carrots, sauces, cucumbers, beans etc.... so I try with R but I think I like the whole foods (animal) for my protein.  And I am not giving up Greek Yogurt.

That's all for now.....

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