Thursday, June 13, 2013

Having it all…doing it all

Mom and me on our field trip 

This weekend was one of the best in a long time.  It was exhausting with limited down time but that is okay ( I think I prefer it that way).  It really started Friday – early coaching 5:30am masters and the disappointing factor was there were only 2 swimmers but the upside is that I jumped in and swam with them so I was able to knock out my swim by 6:45 and still make CrossFIt and get my run in before picking up my Mom. 

Friday was a “field trip” with Mom and her “peers” on DayTrippers (company for those who like to get out and about without the hassle of driving) … we loaded on a bus and headed for Riverside to “the” Castle.  As I have been realizing as I see the aging process it really is the circle of life.  When we hit a certain age we begin to regress… so here we are on the bus getting our morning snack of juice and a granola bar (can you say kindergarten) then within 1 hour we had a “potty break” and arrived in Riverside for a tour and lunch.  From there we went to an Adobe/historical site where we toured  a 1900s house followed by tortilla making  over an open fire, hand cranked ice cream (here was workout #4 of the day- 45 70+ year olds don’t get real far with a hand crank) so I hammered it out.  We fed the burros and the tour guides had voices and energy of kindergarten teachers.  Back on the bus and a stop at Toms for a “snack” and potty…. It was great to spend the day with my Mom but I did not raise my hand for the DayTrippers Catalog for future “fun trips” Sarcasm aside it means the world to me to accompany my mom and spend a day laughing and talking with her in a non-rushed situation. 

I came home and JD had walked and fed the dogs, unloaded the DW, cleaned up and was marinating chicken for dinner.  R was working so it was just the 3 of us but a nice dinner grilled by JD along with the fresh corn made for a perfect family night.

Saturday was a big day on the bike…bringing together a lot of great components?  Brutal ride, good friends, charitable cause, great weather, totally appreciating San Diego’s great weather and tremendous weather and a fulfilling (ass kicking) day.  Saturday night was perfect with my hubby watching We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks’ - a must see.

Sunday my run was um painful… I skipped the brutal trails and Black Mountain for a 12 mile loop on the roads (since John was hitting the trails with Mako) around mile 7 my legs were feeling the 100 mile 9k feet ride that I was not in shape for, but I was on a loop so no choice….keep running.  I dropped the pace and adjusted the goals to finish the run feeling good- no worries on the pace.  The final climb up the back side of Carmel Valley Rd was brutal until I saw a runner up a head and then I was fired up….head down and focused on turnover and good form and slowly but surely reigned him in!  Success and the last 1 ½ was all downhill!  Done and happy.  Enjoyed our pool with a nice cooling swim and refueled with loads of fresh veggies sautéed in garlic and onion and then added organic egg whites for a killer omelet topped with feta cheese and Chulula sauce.
Ah…. I had not been to yoga once this week so I quickly changed and just made it in time for CorePower Hot Fusion. I cannot say I really enjoyed it – 105 degrees and a lot of strength/balance poses on really sore legs and I was a bit dehydrated from running.  But I did not stress (yoga is not competitive J ) I did what I could and let the heat do its magic.  440z of water and a solid sweat….A cold shower and I felt like a million bucks!  Whenever I go I leave feeling is all good!
Rest of the day was catching up with a good friend and 3 swim sessions, writing training plans and a nice family dinner.  Maxed out weekend…. Missed out on napping but I did it all and will take that over being bored. Time with my hubby, kids and dogs is when life is the best for me. Regrettably I picked up 

Pink Eye.. Itchy, yucky and no contacts – but thankfully I got a script and it is better.

Off to Chicago for 4 days of trade show… not eager to go but need to make some good International contacts for a new client so I am going.  I don’t see much downtime but – well I get to play a lot when I don’t travel so suck it up and work! 

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