Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cross Fit Week 1

Last week was "ramp" week.....3 1 hour sessions learning the "moves", proper form and getting a taste of the real deal  This week was the real deal.  Cross fit sun is open 5 days (M-F) and the die hards go 5 days a week...after more conversation I also learned they are not swimming, biking, running but possible are returning in the pm for Olympic Lifting classes.  I decided to commit to 3x week so I can retain some semblance of a triathlon schedule.

Monday I was nervous and excited and attended the 7am class.  6 people - all veterans but really nice.  A nice warm up and then jump rope 3 min non stop.  Next up 3 min of DU (double unders)  right rope goes around twice before you land.  This is hard and takes wicked coordination.  But I managed 1, yes 1- before you start laughing I soon learned it has taken some months to master their 1st one.  Meanwhile the guy next to me is linking 40+ DU's...ah what to aspire to. The WOD (workout of the day) 1 arm dumbbell raise, squats, 1 arm dumbbell raise, plank row with weights- 20 sec max/10 sec off x 6.  Does not sound like much....HA.  tell my body that on Tuesday.  A bit of running and stretching.  Tue I could feel it - my run was definitely stiff...but i was feeling good.

Wed I went to the 6am class with with 12 + people there is a lot of energy.  More jump roping and DU's and then the WOD was frankly crazy.  Farmers Carry - 36 lb kettle bells and you carry with arms straight and walk 5 min.  If you stop, 5 push ups - sounds ez- NOT.  Then 10 lb sledge hammer onto a big tire- 2:30 right and 2:30 left (reminded me a bit of macheting in Cambodia)  Next dead lifts 5 min and finally take a 15 lb sand ball and throw it as far as you can, run and pick it up and do it again.  Can you say total body workout!   Went direclty to 3 hour ride ( not hard-cannot go hard- legs and body hurt) and topped it off with a 30 min run and actually was able to muster up 10 x 1 min hard effort!   That was a day...  spending the remainder of the day at a desk and my computer caused for some late night pain.

Oh boy Thursday's swim and ride were slow and painful.  I am committed to CF and will dial back efforts in Swim. Bike. Run.  It is hard!

Friday I ran before CF and oh my..... jump roping I am getting the hang of and not too stressful. More dead lifts and yes I can feel my hamstrings ( but not in a bad/injury way- in a holy cow muscle use way)  and then the WOD 75 burpees for time.  Get out..... it was hard...I mean hard.  My HR had to be close to 190 and I was nearly crying - but secretly loved it.  6:53.  Went directly to Yoga and the plank was nearly impossible.

All in all a solid week.....I only swam 2x 45 min, Ran every day - which I committed to but not a lot.  4 x 30 min runs/ 2x45 min runs and a crazy trail run on Saturday 1:40- but not hard. 2 rides - total of 5:30 of riding.  3x core power yoga.  As hard as the yoga is when I am sore, I feel so much better after.  My only real regret was on Saturday (feeling the burpees and the trail run) I thought I was going to CorePower 2 but instead was Sculpt - which is hot yoga + cardio + weights. When she said burpees I nearly cried.....

Marriott Guanacaste
I am sore, challenged and excited.   Sort of disappointed to miss a week of CrossFit and Yoga but well we are Costa Rica bound!  HPN Globals Presidents Club trip so we are off to 6 nights.... 1 night San Jose, then we move to Marriott Los Suenos and then to Guanacaste for 2 nights at the Marriott and finish 2 nights at the Westin.   1 week of luxury that I did not have to plan and we do not have to pay for!! We have not been on an Incentive Trip since my days with Starwood- this will be great.  Small group of 12 + guest...we will be busy kayaking, zip lining, checking out the volcano, snorkeling, jungle touring and then have the final 2 days alone to relax or most likely find another adventure of our own. 

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  1. I was very interested in reading this!! Nalani and I had our first intro session last week and #2 comes tomorrow... I think I'll wait til after Honu to start the real classes. :)