Friday, March 29, 2013


what I think I look like doing yoga
what i really happening at yoga

So I said I was going to mix it up and since my hamstring is not playing well with others  I decided to start with yoga...not traditional yoga or bikram yoga but a blend called Core Power. Still hot.. 95-105 depending on the class but not so boring.  I have done heated power yoga, core power yoga, hot power fusion aka nearly died for an hour  and heated power yoga with weights.   WOW!

The good news is I got my moneys worth, even if it was a free week.  And my body felt good..... and I was wicked sore.  I would wake up and roll over sore...thinking all I did was hold and sweat for an hour and I am worked.

I am not becoming a yogi but am committed to keeping this up....4x a week maybe a bit aggressive but 2-3 times for now and at least once when (or if) I ever resume structured training.  ok I started this last week and was successful but this week 1x... 

I did swim a few times, ran really slowly in painfully ( not on the plan for now) and rode (also slowly and painfully)  Spent a few hours with a few Dr's, ART, Acupuncture .. Saw a specialist ( he treats the kicker from SDSU football, so I am assuming he knows a few things and with the help of Ultrasound there is not tear... minor tears and option for healing is rest.  But he did say to use the muscle just done overuse it.

It's all good.... busy coaching, working and dealing with life. 

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