Saturday, March 9, 2013


well last Saturday I came off  curb while running and landed a bit off.... well I did not really expect the curb and so was no prepared for the drop.  I had this sensation of my hamstring turning into a rubber bank and it being pulled and then going back into pace.  Annoying but not a bit deal.... with time from the run a general achiness began to creep into the attachment and down the leg.  

I was sitting on my lacrosse ball, using Comex and ice and being optimistic.  It is taper time so not a lot of running anyway..... with time it dissipated and I had a massage, ART and Acupuncture- each affirming the hammie is ropy and swollen.  But little pain....

I did an ez run today and well I wish I could say the pain is gone... it is there and seems to have settled in.  So what can you do....1 week to race day- no running, more ice, more treatment, remain optimistic and hope for a little race day magic.  This came on quickly and was not dramatic so am hoping it leaves in the same pattern.... Frustrating- a tad :)     

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