Saturday, March 16, 2013

Not much left to do....

Bike checked in, Run gear dropped off.... bags packed, lots of black ink on my body and now it is about eating and waiting.  The bonus is John made it in!  Nice to have my #1 fan in the casa.  As the afternoon rolls around the wind has definitely picked up along with the temps.  Will be breezy and warm.... it is what it it is!

Check in is always fun it cements the fact you are racing...and checking on the beautiful beach takes the stress away.  The waters looks amazing and the process was eh Mexico...but got it done.
They body marked us today (normally done race morning) but okay....will see how much rubs off.  And in lieu of our age on the calf they gave us a letter -T are the Women 45-49 - it's all good I suppose unless you wear compression socks or take it off.  I am a believer in leaving it on, having it visible.  Why not let my competitors know what AG I am in. 

What is odd about a split transition is that we/they have to get our run gear to T2.  For the lay crowd here... T1 (transition 1 is swim to bike)  T2 (transition 2 bike to run) In most races they all take place in the same spot.  Here we swim from the fabulous beach as noted below, ride all over Cabo and back but instead of returning to where we got on our bikes we ride a few more miles to T2 which is downtown.   There we get the hell off our bikes and fling them at a volunteer we dismount the bike to begin the run portion.   I left my T2 (ie: bags of running gear) next to my bike.  Volunteers will gather them up and take to T2... I have faith in Ironman - but if you see me running in bike shoes and a helmet, then well this is Mexico.

my bike is lonely....but surely his friends are coming soon
As for special needs ( those are bags of what we call "special" that are handed out 1/2 thorough the bike and the run)   For me my special needs are 2 more bottles of my super secret formula of Osmos and Cadence  as I am not keen on Gatorade (which they are nicely serving on race day)  and for the run... another bottle of the same with some random pills... watching people pack for IM it looks like a drug factory.  Lots of colored pills .... most are salt, sodium, electrolytes, caffeine, Imodium, anti inflammatory, tums... and some are combos of them all. Lined up in piles and the inserted into small Ziploc bags- quite a science actually.   But that is all done.... well we drop of special needs in the am.

So what else....hydrate but dint deplete your body so that means salt and electrolytes, eat but no fruit or veggies today, and relax... the day before if the hardest ok maybe mile 16 of the run is harder, but in terms of lets just get this started.  

Cheers...and thanks to Mexico or Cabo or I don't know what but there will not be online tracking. So those who hoped to obsessively follow along which I do for every Ironman and love it, enjoy your Sunday and start checking for updates around 6pm... cheers!
Coach extrodinaire carrying my bike through the sand and up the hill!


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