Friday, March 15, 2013

Ironman Los Cabos

Comments on Cabo so far...

We have seen more large Americans with big hats, sun burns, ugly shirts and drinking beers than we have seen anorexic, obsessive triathletes.  Okay now more triathletes, but still a lot of vacationers that seem to neglect sunscreen and look really, really red and talk really, really LOUD.

Don't come to Cabo early if you want to do a lot of training on the course.... the swim while nice is not marked and somewhat difficult to find. Update by Thursday it is still not marked but there were more people, SUP out in the water along with fishing boats and random locals looking at us like WTF.  Wed swim felt out of place.  Thursday was awesome as found a bunch of SD and other tri friends to hug and chat with and swim among the fishies and tiny jellyfish - tiny sting on my wrist.  Itchy but that is all. 

The roads are terrible for riding. No bike lane and your choices are pot holes this size of a VW bug.  There is a shoulder on parts but when you hit the curves there is no shoulder and the trucks seem to gain speed and have no mercy for bikes. Frankly this is the deepest taper ever with no running (preserving the hamstring) and little to no riding for fear of death.

I tend to spend a lot of $$ at the Ironman expo- all Ironman all fun and must have.  No worries in Cabo.... the NA Sponsors are not here, there is no MDot tent (sorry Mako no MDot leash for you), no random supplements that promise to make you fitter faster and stronger by race day, no cut of bars and shots of gels... no anything frankly.   But it was fast - in and out.   Other than the pay this guy $10 and write you last name here (seemed a bit sketchy) but that was the deal.  Then the usual...wrist bands, a bag of bags - one for each.... swim, bike, run, special needs, dry clothes.... ah which bag goes to which color, stickers, lots of cool ads in Spanish, no free food- not even a tiny cliff bar. Seriously what am I a travel agent?

This being my first International IM I am not sure if this is just Mexico or this is IM International.     

Our house is awesome! On a steep hill but with amazing views and super comfy.... cannot wait to enjoy the hot tub and have some fun come Sunday night :)

The venue is really spread out.... swim start is different than T2 and that is different from the finish- lots of driving around and logistics are a bear.

If you want the Ironman village feel- Cabo is not the race for that... as for the course no idea as the roads are closed- so nothing like waiting until race day.    All in all it is about the people and that so far has rocked.... cheers - belly is full of pasta and steak and time for bed at 7:30!

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