Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coach goes to school

Disclaimer...this was supposed to be motivating and informative....but frankly after re-reading this- it is boring... sorry  :)
USA Triathlon brought the Art and Science of Triathlon Symposium to La Jolla this past weekend and it was too good to pass up.  I registered months ago and then disappointed that it conflicted with  the Tri Club Borrego Springs Camp Out and Austin 70.3 both of which I waned dot do.....  but I am glad I had paid already paid for the Conference and could not back out as it was 2 days of great learning.  I also need to renew my USAT Coaching Accreditation and need many CEU's- so 16 hours of class is a good way to do that - slam dunk.

I was excited to start Friday AM and was happy to see so many familiar faces and so many faces from all over the US.  Over 200 registered for the event and it was well done.  Mike Reilly (the voice of Ironman) was the emcee.  Love that guy and that voice especially when I am dying and just want the damn race to be over.  
So the day began with Mike Reilly and then we 4 lectures - 2 tracts at a time and we chose one each time.    So here is how my day went.
Take away.... what is important -
-  POWER TO WEIGHT (more important on a hilly course)  - hilly IM - lose a few lbs
- POWER TO DRAG ( more important on a flat course)  - take away- flat course- stay aero and ditch the crap on your bike
- Aerodynamics- flat back, keep head low- if you wear an aero helmet keep your eyes forward not down
-DRAFT -at 7 meters (legal distance) makes a big difference - racing legally you can gain an advantage using the people around you
- Know the course- if can get out and ride the course a few times...know the turns, know the climbs and be familiar with it,
- THERMAL REGULATION- don't ignore the heat - lower watts on the bike and lower run pace - 
Running must be light, comfortable, elastic & rhythmic.  Once this is achieved, conditioning and experience will provide the speed.   Find your best run!!
There was a lot more info....but hard to blog about
Okay so this class was not what was advertised..... frankly it was an infomercial for Muscle Activation Technique- which is a specific, non medical process to the assessment, improvement and maintenance of human motor control.  It sound good...but is one more way to spend $ to get right....okay maybe I didn't quite get it all but bottom line you still need massage, ART and chiro- this adds one more. 
Maybe I was hungry....not sure but did not dig this one.
We had the best lunch I have ever had at a conference....and I go to a lot of conferences!  Triathlete dream food and then joy of Diana  Nyad. Holy cow.....not sure if she is a rockstar, nutjob, inspiration or all of the above.  http://www.diananyad.com/  In any case she is funny and very inspiring....I am still reeling from her work out the previous day- 7 hour swim in a 50meter pool- 7 hours non stop- oh she had fuel and water..... seriously Julie stop complaining about a 5000 yard work out!!! Man up!!!
Her funny stories...too many to share but she is still convinced she saw the 7 Dwarfs marching on the ocean floor and saw the Staten Island Ferry go by ( between Cuba and FL)  She is an inspiration and a lot of fun.....
this post is too long so more on the conference later.... I am sort of boring myself and it was NOT boring.
It was motivational, inspiring and a lot of fun!!!!
Okay quick recap of the rest..,,HUNTER KEMPER true American, funny guy, family guy, humble and a great speaker,  What a story too- crash in October resulting in broken elbow, staff infection and zero training through December and then he pulls it out and makes the Olympic team (4th time) in May.   JOE VIGIL - Coach of US Olympic Runners..... 65yo old school track coach who has coached many of our Olympic runners- funny, frank and believes in hard work!  bottom line his runners run 100 miles/week 52 weeks a year. Take that!  IAN MURRAY - easy to look at very funny, smart and good takeaway on how to be a better coach- listen, understand and be supportive- to name a few!

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