Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Well....what can I say

I started this last week...never finished it!  Going to finish now and get back at it.....

My dad recently asked me if my blog was still active....yes and no. I find I blog a lot when all is going great!  I like to share all the good happenings and they are fun to write about, but when life is not all peachy I notice I stop blogging and stop posting on FB.   Okay I do write when things are really crappy too...(sometimes)  Despite what some have said, my entire life is NOT on FB or in my blog.  Sort of funny....how simply my life would be. 
Nothing tragic, life threatening or devastating...just ho hum.  Really just life.... I thought I had a major breakthrough last week- as I was chasing Mako I noticed no pain during my little jog.  So I did a 10 minute run as authorized but the Ortho- a little stiff but no pain.  Sweet!  Next day another 10 and then 15 and then 15 and then whamo....swollen, painful and back to square 1.  More pain than when the boot came off.... really? Panic sets in, I re broke my leg?  No, really don't think so but fear those sprained tendons and ligaments that are locked up were not too happy about being unlocked with pounding force...now force is a strong word when I was running 10+ minute miles.   Arrgh...... more rehab, more elliptical and now a recovery week. 

Recovery from what you say....riding, riding and elliptical.  Coach pointed out I took 3 weeks off, yeah vacation that it was with my spiffy boot, 1 week real vacation in Australia and then started riding....1 hour a day followed by a 12+ hour week on the bike, along with swim and elliptical.  The hours added up but I felt good.....ez miles with low effort. So we rolled that into the next week and the next....and now well I am tired, legs are sore and I am "resting"  I  know necessary evil- good ol recovery.  

This week is historically (for the last 5 years) one of anxiety, anticipation and bundled energy.   Why.....I  am racing O'side or historically have raced O'side.  5 years ago it was sheer anxiety of finishing the race and then it was goal of a PR and then hunting a Kona Slot....This year there are no Kona slots but there are Vegas slots.  (for those who have no idea what I mean- Kona slot is a qualification for Ironman World Championships in October in Kona and Vegas is a slot to the 70.3- 1/2 Ironman World Championships in Vegas) And it is the 1st big race of the year.   I am usually paranoid about getting sick, questioning my training and analyzing who is racing in my age group.

Not this year.....but I have decided to participate (not race) the swim/bike portion.  Why? I paid $285 and there are no refunds, I have 2 athletes that I coach who are racing and I want to support them and ALL of my friends (except 1) will be racing..so I want to be out there cheering them on.   I was going to ride up and cheer but coach suggested I recover this week and then go and swim/bike.  It's not like I am tempted to run because I CAN'T.  So I will go and "play for the day"   After my killer session at Rehab United today...not sure how fresh I will be- something about 60+ squats and lunges- but I digress. Update....I DID not do the swim.bike...why?  Slammed on Friday working and it was 6:00 and I had to walk the dogs, pick up Riley, get to my moms for dinner, eat dinner and I had done zero for the "race" I was totally stressed about my getting my race gear together etc and the idea of waking up at 3:45 to "race"  So I bailed out... had a nice long walk with the dogs, relaxing night with my family and got up early and did a killer bike ride and headed up to O'side to cheer!


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