Saturday, April 14, 2012


This is a very complicated joint.....
The Anterior tibiafibular ligament is causing me MUCHO problems-
Why they grumbly title...Why you ask? guess, just take a guess?  Give up...okay- I am NOT running!   I was running, sort of, a little and was happy ok not really happy  with 20 minutes of running every other day.  I got to warm up on the elliptical for 10, run 20 and then do the elliptial for 30.  Yeah 1 hour of not running but sort of running simulated running.  It was great for 3 times and then I made the error of going from the TM to the StairMaster to avoid the mind numbing boredom of the elliptical because my friend Amy is on there due to her broken collarbone and rib fractures.  We chatted non stop, the time flew by and upon completion my ankle was sore...not a little sore but more sore than from running sore- F'ing kidding me. No worries, lots of ice and compression and I am sure I will be fine.  That was Tuesday....NOT fine!   Really, how is this Ironman thing going to work.  Seriously if Lake Placid offered I would be in the money! 

I can swim which is my least favorite of the 3 and the one I don't like to do., ride my bike pain free - which I am VERY happy to be doing and the ol running is the challenge....and since the run is my challenge at every Ironman- I am patiently waiting for my ankle to be ready freaking out on a daily basis.....

So lets talk about what is FUN!   GWL + Pine Valley on Saturday when it was close to 90 degree!  New chic joined us and she fit right ride where we lost a few (their choice to turn around early) and jumped on the wheel of a roadie coming back from Descanso.  Dude says about 15 min later after we are in a serious pace line with a major head wind- do you mind another body?  Headwind,  uh no, welcome aboard!!  It was great until he blew up....okay one more boy to pull along.   We had great fun and welcomed a new "chick" to the group. 

Fun was riding GWL again on Thursday with Maureen....chilly, chilly day but riding out there is always a treat! 

And then there is the rest of life, work, coaching (more on that as I have exciting news) but am off to the gym for some elliptical fun!   Wimpy me bailed on riding today due to high winds and rain.  Tomorrow looks that sounds like more fun. And my riding partners seemed happy with the 5:30am call to stay in bed :)

Ok this is fun talented "pointer"   Here is Mako pointing the birds...

"mom,  see the bird, see him, see him....come on shoot him. I'm doing my job you do yours! "

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  1. Blah! Bummed for you... I'm there too... Honu is in 7 weeks and I can't run a step. Lovely.