Friday, July 22, 2011

Raising the white flag.....

Yup....flag is waiting..... what for? I am baked, cooked, tired....... and this flag is hard to raise and not fun to raise!   So when I said Ironman training officially began last week, well that was sort of not true.  In my mind it was true but when KP pulled data from Training Peaks seems that well...I was on my 4th week of big training.  See I had said come mid July game on for Kona, but seems the game unofficially started a few weeks ago and I was playing along and loving it!

Last week I finished well..... great ride on Saturday and my T Run was piece of cake. Sunday my 1 hour run was ugh painful.... I was checking my watch every few minutes to see how much longer.  Sign for me...tired!  I got it done and was ready mentally for one more big week.  But not physically.  Monday was okay, Tue long ride was a struggle and each day was yesterday when I was doing my long run- it was too hard for what it was and the warning signs were firing off.  Today I woke up, tired after 10 hours of sleep and starving....craving starving, and me legs just ached.  

So I raised the flag and emailed KP..... recovery week starts today!    If I am really good and follow with recovery as planned, my reward is a 7 hour Big Day Training on Saturday and a long run on Sunday!   Sick....really I know but well that seems to be how I roll.  

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