Monday, July 25, 2011

Energy? Legs? Anyone seen mine....

3 days of solid recovery and I am ready to have some spunk again....not happening.  One of the worst swims I can recall this AM- seriously when I cannot make the interval with paddles on- time to get out- and I did,  58 minutes into the workout, in the middle of the 500, I hopped out- done!  

Friday I took the day off. Saturday a cruisy social ride with Cathleen, hardly broke a sweat and Sunday day off- 2 naps, 9+ hours of sleep each night....eating well and hello?   So there you have it!

Riley is off on the Tole Mour for 3 weeks.....sniff -  I am so excited for her.  This is her 2nd time on the ship and so different from last year.  As a veteran she knew what to pack, over packed (seems all the returning sailors pack more each year) 1- they realize it does get cold out in middle of the Pacific even in the summer and 2- laundry 1 time in 3 weeks means laundry 1 time in 3 weeks.  Also washing clothes in salt water is not ideal.  Big change this year- only 3 girls and 13 dudes....last year was 11 and 11.  Interesting ...John asked me if I had the "sex talk" with her on the drive up :)  The girls all sailed last year and it was a great reunion.

Scuba diving, showers in the ocean- washing you hair with Dawn dish washing soap,  1 real shower, no electronics, night watches, scrubbing toilets and making memories of a lifetime!  

Asked JD last night if he will miss her....No.  FB post last night says "no sister for 3 weeks"  we will see - he may get lonely or miss her when he has to do all her chores.... 

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