Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eat to win....Eat to train....

Vacation is over.... less wine, more miles  and more power food!  Game on!

Last night I made my "Pot of Power" which included...sauteed scallions and celery, added garlic and then chopped  up kale, collard greens, spinach, swiss chard and added salt and some coconut water and a tad coconut mild.  Let it cook for 2 hours on low..... these greens need ALOT of cooking.  Added curry, cumin and more salt and it was delicious!!!   Topped with garbanzo beans and it was filling and I could just feel it mending my muscles.  

Today after a killer swim session....ouch!!!  I took a few scoops and mixed with egg whites and heated up!  Another good lunch....

I wish I could say it has been all good and healthy..... dark chocolate is sill lurking about- but he that has redeeming qualities too!

Tonight...Padre game with JD most likely less greens and more barley and hops!  It's all about balance anyway :)

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