Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why am I so tired.....

I know you are thinking....why? Yes it could be the killer GWL + Honey Springs ride on Wednesday, backed up by a killer swim/run day no Thursday and then a long, hill run up Black Mountain on Friday and a Highland Valley Road ++ ride on Saturday....but you are only partially right.   

Here in lies the real source of fatigue..... 7 teenage girls 
  Here they are slumbering away after a very busy night until past 2am.  We swore off multiple people sleepovers years ago- why? I like to sleep and with multiple kids at my house that simply does not happen.   But well....Riley has a very cool group "fantastic 7" of her lacrosse friends and they come as a unit.  Sem Great girls and well.... we agreed.

People talk about teenage boys and how much they eat- well have 7 lacrosse players over and you will think again.  2 costco pizzas, costco chips,1 gallon milk, 1 case sparkling ice, entire recipe of chocolate chip cookies, ice cream sandwiches, 2 lbs bacon, 30+ pancakes, few gallons water, large watermelon ....and I am not sure what else.  All this from 2pm -11am!  WoW.

We have been in the throws of winter and suddenly on Friday it was warm and nice!  Saturday we put the solar in the pool and the pool was up to 80 and the spa 106 but the time the girls arrived.  Backyard was packed with bathing beauties. From the pool to the spa to the park for lacrosse and then dinner and a movie.  They were busy and JD, John and I were holed up in our bedroom for the evening.  What a night.... guitar and recorder playing, listening to bad cd's, playing hide from John and more ridiculous fun.  Around 2am they went to sleep as did we.  Other than that it was uneventful, although I find it odd that 16+ pack of TP is missing from the closet???

So...  my training took a backseat but in the big scheme of things it's all good.  Life is more than triathlon around here....and sometimes that is okay!

29th Annual Avia Wildflower Triathlon 2011

Wilflower Long less than 2 weeks!  Ill be ready to race again then.

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