Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When you fall off the bike....get back on it

So I fell off on took until Wednesday but I got back on.  After a 6 week sabbatical from the East County I was excited to ride GWL again.  We met at an extremely reasonable time of 9:00am....slept in, ate breakfast (not out of a package), got some work done and hit the road. Conference call en route and rolling with Riikka, Lynn, Brian and Beth (who is on spring break)  Weather promised nice and sunny but it was cloudy and breezy.

Nice climb up to the beekeeper and then we hit the crosswinds and this was the first time I was out in East County with my Reynolds wheels and well I was wishing they were at home...the 58mm depth was enough to blow around and make it pretty scary.  Now I love descending and drop in my aero bars and go but not today....1- the fall off the bike as a little too fresh in my mind and the pounding in my nose was a good reminder and 2: the wind and the wheel combo was freaking me out.   So on the awesome 6 mile descent down Honey Springs, or honey hills as Riikka calls it, I was sitting up and holding on.

Great legs are feeling incredibly fresh coming off O'side, solid ride at Gran Fondo and some runs.  I was cautious...I still have some work to do before Wildflower and did not want to use it all up today.  Skyline Truck was also crosswinds and hair arms were actually sore from holding on.  

All in all it was great fun and still so beautiful out there since it is so green. Nice T run with Beth- yes I actually ran with the speed demon.  30 minutes flew by and off to Sbux for the usual reward!

Finished in time for my next call and conducted business quite efficiently in the parking lot.  Have iPad and iPhone will travel and work anywhere!

Coaching swim at the JCC tonight for the TriClub San Diego! 

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