Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taper time....not yet

O'side 70.3 seems like last season....really was just about 3 weeks ago.  After a solid recovery week I hit it hard last week.  I do recall coach saying something about the possibility of feeling great in training...the effects of the taper for O'side + the additional recovery.  So when we did our mid week GWL + Honey Springs my legs felt fresh and I was hitting in.  I did not go all out but did a solid 3:45 ride and with a nice run. Backed that up with a big swim and run on Thursday and a rockin run on Friday.  90 minutes of trails and hills, including the climb up Black Mountain.  My HR was good, legs strong, pace slow but well it was wickedly hilly and I felt great.  Rolled into Saturday and had a awesome climb up Highland Valley Road with exceptional power and semi fresh legs- I had my mojo back and was ready to nail another solid week.....

Then came the sleepover with 7 girls and the fatigue.  Sunday I was slow and tired....really thinking it was lack of sleep - and yes that was part of it, but it was also the training. Coach said "save your efforts for Wildflower"  Yeah I will but well it felt so good to feel so fresh- Beth and I were chatting up Honey Springs realizing how great it felt to have our legs fresh..... right- well that feeling is a memory indeed.

Monday was  recovery day and Tuesday's GWL adventure was scaled back indeed. When the ride time is over 1 hour less and power is 15+ watts lower and you feel the same after the ride...that is telling.  The run off the bike was good- thankfully!  But an indicator that coach was possibly right.

What is it about trying to cram in fitness....Rationally I know that is not much that can be done- I kept thinking I can gain fitness up until 10 days out, but at what cost? forced rest???? Someday I will learn.  Well I do in fact get it and can apply this to other athletes and it makes perfect sense, but when it comes to me.....well that is why the coach has a coach.

Funny thing is one of my riding buddies....who is in the same decade of life as I is in the same spot.   Seems she has been put on training probation as well, although she was banned from GWL this week so must be really bad!  But I am sure that will translate to a smashing race at Wildflower.

Today I knocked out a sensational swim, all on my own!  8x500 with 5-10 seconds rest-  descending - last 4 with paddles and the last one was painful but finished really strong.   Solid set and great workout-  finished up with and ez 400 and called it a day.  Run in the trails was ez but legs are coming around....good news!  Hitting the trails tomorrow for some more Black Mountain fun! 

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