Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whose head are you in?

Here we are in mid February and those racing Oceanside 70.3 are realizing it is 6 weeks away, Wildflower around the corner.  For Oceanside that leaves 5 weeks of solid training and then a week to taper.  Holy cow...how much fitness can I add in 5 weeks.  People are  posting times, monster training blocks on Facebook and you can feel people's confidence coming back. The holiday weight most gained is slowly going away and everyone is starting to look faster and the ez rides and runs are fewer and fewer. This is not the off season!

So herein lies the question...whose head are you in?  I know I am easily sucked into whatever I read- OMG so and so just logged this workout or this time or the volume. I  need to be running further, faster and swimming more, riding more hills, losing weight, taking whatever supplement they are taking....AAAAHHHH!  Here is why I gladly send a check to my coach each month. He is the sound of reason, the one to remind me 1- how old I am 2- the great workouts I have posted 3- what my goals are and 4 - occasionally get firm with me on what needs to be done and when!

So I say.... stay in your own head, listen to your coach or stick to YOUR plan!  I am hearing the anxiousness all around - remember it is only February!

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  1. Great post. I only skim some blogs if they are about how much training they are doing. And then I remind myself that I hired a coach so I didn't have to think about what I need to do. So I stop thinking about what other people 'need' to do and look back at the improvements I've made on my plan.