Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Ok not real weather compared to massive snow, sleet and sub zero temperatures but weather for us San Diego kids.  Living in San Diego we have the sunshine tax- what is that- well the average home price is somewhere around $500,000 ( and that really does not buy you much), gas in now close to $4/ gallon and I know we pay a premium for other things but I cannot place them right now .... bottom line is we pay more to live in paradise and in turn we have some of the best weather in the country.  Yes we know that and appreciate that but when the weather is not so nice, we get cranky and I mean really cranky. And for the record the weather is not nice today!   (yes one day, but still I'm just sayin)

Now I realize I will get few sympathizers on this one...see I had to cancel my ride today because it was raining!  I know, I am lucky to have flexible schedule so I can ride on a Wednesday, I know I am lucky to be riding outside this time of year...yada, yada, yada.

Nevertheless it is rainy and cold and I don't like it!  I swam in the rain- not a biggie, except when Coach Terry's umbrella landed on my head literally- it took off in flight and pummeled me- scared me to death.  It cleared nicely at the end of swim and I was very happy to run under the clouds on a chilly day.  Well until it started to biggie, it started to rain...minor inconvenience and then it poured.  Oh well- soaked and cold I finished the run and luckily had dry clothes in my car for a quick change. After that I DESERVED a Starbucks! 

And it seems tomorrow may be nice...well not raining anyway and the more rain for the weekend- so be prepared for more whining!