Monday, February 7, 2011

Sleeping Inidan

For all the riding I have done and do....there are a lot of cool routes I have yet to experience.  Saturday I checked one off my list- Sleeping Indian!!!t  John and I rolled out of here at a rational time of 8 and met up with Beth, James and Dirk and we rode up the coast to O'side then along the bike path and then to uncharted territory for John and I. What an amazing place to ride...I loved it!   Great hills, little traffic and a sensational day with great company. Riding with Dirk is topic is taboo and that keeps it fun.  Special thanks to James for allowing me to suck his wheel!  Have to say I felt great on the ride- and it was the longest ride I have done since September.  90 miles and the weather was great.  It almost makes me wish I was signed up for an Ironman.

No....surely we can do many more cool rides like this in prep for O'side and Wildflower.   Sunday's run in the PQ Canyon was another solid workout.  Trails were a bit busy with all the Mountain Bikers- not sure if they were extra busy because I was running so late 8:30 or because the South Trail is closed due to flooding- but the traffic kept me on my toes.  As I was finishing the run crossing the creek I slipped and rolled my ankle - but that is not what hurts it is the darn left foot that I cut- It felt like the same tendons I pulled in AZ stretched a bit too much again. Dang it!   They are not worse today but still am peeved-  Everything is working so well and I am feeling great- tired but great.  So have to watch this little injury-  I hope skiing does not aggravate it like it did in Mammoth.

And on that note....we are headed to Aspen early Wed.  Yeehaw.  Regardless of my ankle, it will be awesome.  Meeting my bro and family and my Dad and step mom in a sensational slope side house in Snowmass.   Perfect break in training....a recovery week is in order I cannot think of a better place to do so.  

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  1. so stoked we got to ride with you guys... hopefully more soon. there a ton of routes our there... lets start checking them off.

    i'll need that banner grade loop some time soon.