Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Out of Control Pantry

Okay so we have a 2 doored big pantry in our kitchen- not a walk in size, but one with a lot of deep shelves.  This is where we keep the snacks, canned food, flour, sugar, and the bags and cartons of carbo pro and numbers other training powdered drink mixes. On a good day it looks like an ad for the Container Store as 99% of our food is dumped into clear containers with tightly sealed lids.  On a bad day you cannot tell what is in there, what is old and stale and what is for the dog vs humans.

So Monday night I unloaded underthings... found an bag of Infinit (that had 100% solidified), raw almonds from 2009, 57 random bags of flour, sugar and rice that had not been put in the proper container and the list goes on.  Now that we are organized and tidy, we are eating the pantry down- really 11 bags of pasta?  6 of them open.  6 boxes of lasagna noodles.  15 cans of my favorite vegetable soup, 6 cans of Tuna ( I don't even think we eat canned tuna), organic tomatoes to feed 500... So the goal is to use up something every day in a meal. So how about tuna waffles?  Okay not really- but we are committed to eating what we have.   Next the refrigerator and freezer.  This becomes quite fun after a week or so- only rule is we still buy fresh produce and vegetables.

Training is stellar.....following my plan, not injured, not dead tired and feeling great.  Had a great GWL ride yesterday- did some serious work, added on Honey Springs (well 1/2 of it) and finished hard. Ran today and felt great.  It's all good....volume is down but intensity is up and that is fun.  Working through and 8 day training block and then we head to Aspen!  Tough life I know- but someone has to do it! My bro and sis-in-law rent a sensational slop-side house each year and we were invited to come and enjoy.  Hard to pass that John and I will sneak away and play for 4 days.  No go for the kids as they are in school- bummer for them.  
 Tough weekend around here in teenage land.....Riley had a big date to the Winter Formal and well let's just say it was not all she hoped..  she looked great!   She did have some fun and learned a few valuable lessons.  these late nights will kill me sooner or later...I actually went to bed at 9 and set my alarm for 11:15 to be up when she came home- only way to do it.


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