Monday, February 7, 2011

Le Chat

A few weeks back I blogged on about the favorite mug.  I referenced my favorite mug as a child and went on about John's search to replicate the current favorite mug in the house.  Well he found a few more and we each happily have our mug of choice.

So on Saturday, Kathi (my step-mom) drops by and hands me a box from my father.  Wow a gift :) Who doesn't love a package.  But I am stumped- no discussion of anything I can think of-  well I open the box and to my great surprise it is the Le Chat mug that I so fondly remember!   Bless my Dad- he scoured the Internet and found the mug.   I was speechless and so incredibly touched.  While we all love's like these take the cake!  Thanks again Dad!!!

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