Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4 girls go riding.....

So we made our weekly trek out the East County for the GWL + Honey Springs special but today we had 2 bonus chicks- Beth and Tati joining Noko and I.   It was chilly...40ish but the sun was out and it looked sensational.  We rolled out chatting it up and had an uneventful climb to the beekeeper and around we went.  Coming to Honey Springs we gulped and headed down the 8 miles to the stop sign only to turn around and begin climbing out.  Surprisingly  it was warm- Noko and I have frozen our hynies off the last 3 weeks on Honey Springs and we found out selves here is where the rides goes to pieces.

We deiced we 1- have to pee (no big bushes for a pit stop so we find a place that is relatively flat so we can actually get started again 2- it is hot so we have to strip some clothes.  As I am camouflaged by a tiny bush relieving myself, Beth is 1/2 naked, stripping down and belts out Honey Springs is my stripper name....the giggling begins and I turn to see tati stripped down taking off her base layer - what a sight for some car cruisin by - 2 bare butts and a 1/2 naked girl on a bike.  Alas, no visitors and off we go.

I begin whining about my legs, maybe just maybe I pushed the first climb a tad, and I see Tati poppin pills. What the heck???? Extreme Endurance- sure I'll try them and Beth rolls up eager to know what we are ingesting.  Tati says pills and Beth lays our the #2 line of the day "I've never met a pill I didn't like"  We are just hysterical and then we settle in for the last 6 miles. Oh right Beth launched a bottle on purpose so she would circle back and slow us all down- nice delay tactic.

We crest the summit and are elated....only a few small climbs and we are cruisin down. We have enough chatter to get up Skyline Truck trail and the fun begins.   The rippin descent....We are spread out nicely near the right side of the road but I am gaining speed and start to go around Noko and all of a sudden a black pick up is honking and they are yelling to get the F out of the road, " we hate cyclists, you guys make our life miserable" they are honking and swerve around us and before we know it they cut in front of Tati and I and slam on the brakes, screaming at us.  Holy cow- I slam on my brakes, skid to the side, Tati does the same and then they take off.  Scariest incident ever on my bike.  It was seriously close to a dangerous incident.  Adrenaline soared in us all, we all stop completely freaked out.  All I could think of was the Dr in LA that did the same thing and the cyclists went through his back windshield. 

Talk about a downer.....very quite for a while and then we pepped up again at Jamul Drive and cruised back to the car.  Starbucks!!!!

Great (well mostly) ride, good fun and the best company. Thanks girls for playing!


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  2. Sounds like my kinda ride -- hills, fun, laughing, stripping! Except for that damn pick up and the d-bags in it. That is some scary stuff, glad you guys are OK.