Tuesday, December 14, 2010

taking a new suitcase because the other one is still fulll

So I am not a world traveler, road jockey, road warrior....but when I have back to back trips I stress out. Nothing like coming home late Saturday night and sort of unpacking and then leaving Monday morning.  I know it is too much for me when I am looking in the unpacked suitcase for what I may need for the next trip.  This trip is quick and a drive trip!  So #1 did not need the monolithic suitcase I took to Orlando where I had daytime outfits, nighttime outfits, coat for the sub 30 degree Florida weather etc.  But I did bring a surprisingly large bag for one night.  Well since I was driving I wanted to dress casual for the drive and then had to dress up last night and need a whole other ensemble for today.   24 hour trip and I have 4 pairs of shoes. Really....flip flops in the car, dress shoes last night, running shoes this AM and boots for the meeting.  Maybe because I do not "dress" very often I try to to my best and have some variety.  The mere fact I had to dust off my boots is a good indication they have not been worn for a long time. 

Last night was another networking reception and I did well for an hour and then hit a wall. I simply cannot be nice to any other people, put on my sales hat and make conversation, learn about their hotel, job etc. I am fried!  So I find myself in the corner, not alone and too noticeable but just taking a break and soon a few others join me, a few who were in Orlando and are tired as well of being "on."  We hung for another hour and then had dinner in a restaurant, sitting down, where someone served us.  I simply could not eat any more food off of a stick, on a tiny plate, balancing it while holding a beverage and making small talk.  

One more meeting and lunch and then I can head home in my jeans and back to my what I call normal life!

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