Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So no update on the rocks......John got tired and moved back in with me and then the weather changed, rain came and his enthusiasm died. Apparently so did the offenders as the rocks are lined up each day as we left them the night before.  So, once the rain subsides, we shall see if they are fair weather offenders.

We had the busiest social weekend ever for us very boring types. We kicked it off Friday with the San Diego Tri Club and a pre-viewing party for Ironman World Championships 2010. It was so fun to relive the big day in Kona.  They make it to amazing....90 minutes and it looks inviting, beautiful and fun!  Okay it was part of the time.  My favorite part was when they describedThe Energy Lab and how the name is so not fitting as it really is the darkest, toughest part of the day. So not about energy...more like the energy sucking lab.  In any case, John and the kids came along and we had a grand time!

Saturday we hoped to ride but it was threatening rain and chilly and we completely wimped out.   I was  a gym rat and John went to work. I ran, for the first time in a month, and my foot felt pretty good! Yeah...but there was some swelling after the fact and I was late picking up Riley so I grabbed and ice pack and an ace bandage and strapped it on.  15 minutes later and a lot of "burning", which I figured was all good- really cooling the area. I went to take off the ice and it was frozen to my heel, I mean frozen so that I could not remove it without teaing the skin.  Put the foot in water and the bag came off and my foot was now burning.  Well by Saturday night I realized I had seriously burned my heel, ice burn that is.  Massive blister and searing pain.  I kid you not.   The sheet touching my foot was painful.   So here I am unable to wear a shoe really.  

Good thing this is the off season.....I ran in Vibram's today and then put a shoe on and deal with the shooting pain for the rest of the run.   Accident prone.....um yes.

So onto more fun....Saturday night was the annual neighborhood Christmas Party.  15th year, same house and same good fun. We do a gift exchange and it is always animated and a lot of fun.  The gifts range from Chia Pets to Starbucks Gift Cards.  You can steal an open gift 3 times and this is where the fun resides.  John was doing a bit of dancing for the party as he selected his gifts and we all sampled the jello-shots.  Thank goodness we live across the street.

Sunday was real rain and a lot of it.....relaxing day reading, sleeping, eating and well sleeping. John went to Bikram Yoga and I had a massage.  Sounds better than 90 degree sweat fest.   Sunday night was the Parade of Lights and we had been invited to a party at the Sheraton.  We, being John and the kids and I, Mom and Billy and Dad and Kathy. We were all dressed up and ready to go and heard the Parade was cancelled due to the weather but we elected to go the party anyway.  So we missed the nice boats but we ate and drank in style and it was especially festive with all the decorations and holiday fare.

Monday I was hoping to go for a nice ride.....but the weather people really got it right and it was dumping.   Decided to go swim and changed my mind- what a wimp I have become.  too cold, too early :) And then I was planning on going to RU in the afternoon and it was well too cold and too wet and the kids wanted to make Christmas Cookies and watch a movie.  I decided to be a "good" mom.  We had a great time and well another day passed without me training and with me eating holiday style.   Now we have our traditional cookies made and out for enjoyment!

Today I was committed to run, rain or shine, massive blister or not.  So Zen and I headed out in the torrential rain and it was great. He of course bailed in 15 minutes and I dropped him off and continued.  I really do like running in the rain!  Just grow some new skin and I might be ready to go at it......we shall see!

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