Thursday, December 16, 2010

Curious Incident of Rocks in the Night.....

We have a very minimalist front yard....we took out the grass (to be environmentally conscious) about a year ago and still have not decided what to do. So we have nice dirt with a few select plants- hey looks better than an overgrown weeded lawn or a water sucking manicured lawn.  In any case, we have river stones around the border, step 1 of the landscaping.

So last Thursday John goes out with Zen to find someone has rearranged our stones into the festive holiday saying of "Fuck Nig"  Hmmmm, not sure about the 2nd word or frankly who was out to swear at as.

We chalked this up to a random act. That was until Sunday when the rocks were once again displayed with the tender message "Fuck You"   Okay, not random and clearly someone is not happy with us. We quiz the piss anyone off today?  Dump anyone?  Flip off a neighbor? nothing.

So Sunday night, John kicks into CIA form and is running cables to a hidden camera in our bushes and links up a way to film the front yard all while capturing it on a VCR.  Sure enough 10:30 2 hooded "kids" approach, have a brief conversation and arrange the stones. No contrite messages but a geometrical pattern.  The finish, turn and exit through the park and we soon see headlights and they drive off.  The film quality is poor and it is dark but anyway we see them commit the act.  So now we are mildly, John pretty obsessive.

I head to Palm Springs on Monday and come home Tuesday to a sleeping bag, camping mats, black clothing splayed about the house.  Curious....well I learn from the kids John got commandoed up in black, complete with a hoodie, rearranged the plants on the front pad and snuggled down on our front porch for the night.  Nothing.....although many regals of the wonders of sleeping outside. 

Tuesday night, he sets up again and stumbles to bed around 3am, cold and seeking a soft surface.  He goes out again last night and stumbled in around 2am due to rain. However, he did wake up to voices at midnight, kid in black hoodie with a new girl (not sure how he could tell) but go with me on this and he stealthily follows them. They do not pause at the rocks or make any art.  He follows them a block or so and returns to bed. 

So.....the mystery is still unsolved! Stay tuned- he plans to be out front rain or shine tonight.  Me, gloriously sleeping in my own bed and happy to be there.

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  1. We are living parallel lives, although my little (or big) misfits are breaking the bulbs off our Xmas lights on the mailbox and fence. Little (or big!) scrooges. I haven't resorted to the sleeping bag and video surveillance yet. I want to hear the conclusion of this thrilling serial!