Monday, December 6, 2010

Cha ching $$

not JD's car...hardly a scratch- this is for effect only

Okay it was not that bad......but HELLO, 6 weeks.....and yup you guessed it JD had an accident.  No one was hurt- yes the true blessing.  Where was it?  Backing out of our driveway. Holy many worse possibilities - kids walking to school, neighbors cat (well maybe not so bad), etc. you get the picture.  How? Why?  Hello he is a 16 year old kid in a rush to get to school.

Absolutely infuriating!  Why, here comes the soap box- for him to walk to school it is 1.2 miles but to drive is 3.6.  I never drove them to middle school 1.5 miles (ok in the rain I did) and he walked to HS for 2 years.  When he got is license we said no driving to school and then he paid the insurance and somehow I weekend on this. We are, seriously, the only ones we know that make our kids walk that horrific distance every day. Come on, I did it in the snow and barefoot and it was 10 miles up hill- each way.  Kids today are soft! 

I have prided myself as not being that soft- we are the parents who make them walk. They are young, its good for them and the environment.   We are the evil parents- made him pay for his car insurance, oh poor kid. Oh wait, what about the car is allowed to drive for free, no "way to go parents" for that.  Oh and the gas...he pays for his own gas- hello it is expensive.  And now the accident....really he has to pay for it.  Hell yes- ah let's see, it was his fault, he was driving when he SHOULD be walking and the list goes on.

When does reality kick in for kids these days....come around here and JD will say he is seeing it, life is not fair- okay we can sell the truck and then he won't have to worry about insurance or driving at all.  Not an option?  Oh ok...  I love the but I paid for my iTouch...right, but who pays for the electricity to charge it every night, or the Internet that you tap into, or the table you put in on when you charge it with the electricity we pay for...okay you get the picture.

Kids think they are entitled...well I pay for gas- right but did the car grow in the front yard?  Who paid for the shoes you wear to get to the car to drive the car....

Time to call it a night..I am getting riled up and I need to get to bed to get up early to catch an all day flight to Orlando- woo hoo!  My company annual meeting- I was so efficeint and packed 99% last night for the weather I looked up last week.  Mid 80's and a low of 75.  Seems Jack Frost is in Orlando and the high is 66 and the low is 31- nice...sounds like Thanksgiving all over again!   My suitcase is the size of a small piano because I will not freeze for 6 days!


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  2. oh for a moment there, i thought it was his car... in that picture...

  3. I totalled my car when I was 16. Must be a right of passage for teenagers or something? Glad everyone is ok!