Thursday, September 23, 2010

Waking up with a hangover....

but the bummer is I have not had a drink in a while....eyes open, a bit foggy, dull ache in the head and cloudy.  This is what I have learned a mild concussion feels like.  You know that feeling of having just one too many glasses of wine, not the oh crap I drank an entire bottle of wine feeling, just one too many.  So I lay there each morning wondering why I did that and then I realize, wait I had water last night and went to bed at 8.

The good news is it gets better each day and once I am up and around it slowly dissipates, okay an Advil in the AM helps, but it is gone for most of the day.

For those who care  here is an update on the thigh, while it looks horrific as you can see, does not cause much pain.

My shoulder is painful- bruising is okay but the road rash is what hurts.  Fingers are torn up and covered in band aids to prevent form opening them up. I tore open the pad of the middle finger and that is a key area for typing so it hurts. I looked down yesterday and there was blood all over the keyboard- more band aids.  But seriously, 5 band aids to cover my fingers and every time I wash my hands they start to slip off....such a dilemma, have dirty germ filled hands or go through 25 band aids a day.   And my head....well the bump and bruise are dissipating and the dull ache gets duller every day.  So all in all, I am fine, just whining really.

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  1. Ouch! I'm so glad you are o-kay! I read your other post and I cannot believe you rode for 90more minutes after you crashed! Wow!