Thursday, September 16, 2010

23 days....but who is counting

World Championship

Okay I am counting and wish for a few more weeks.....After my rest and recovery I am feeling good, strong but am running out of time.  Very specific workouts from KP - to the minute, power wattage, HR or running pace.  No room for error and I am doing my best to stay within the lines. NO ROOM FOR ERROR- he says and I have to agree.  Takes the thinking out of what to do each day- I sometimes have to write down the workout or I forget how many intervals at what watts...But it is good.  I feel good, am tired, but a good tired vs the in a hole shoot me tired.

So most people have one more big weekend and then it's taper time....since I used up some of the luxurious tapering, recovering a few weeks back, I have another 11 days of work and then it is taper time.   Since I am not dead tired, begging to recover, I am ok with this.   

Big weekend planned and am pyshed for it. Working around Riley and XCountry and JD's soccer so training had to be juggled.

Working on all my coaching as well....forms, getting set up and right that big test!  Need to get cracking on that! 

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