Friday, April 30, 2010

Race T-1

So I was so busy driving all over town pre race days I missed my usual downtime blogging....but in a nut shell Friday was much like Thursday- drive to the Reservoir and froze in the lake for a short freeze in the lake. I have been in quandary over what to wear- this coming from someone who lives in running clothes and the occasional pair of jeans. I have always raced in my tri suit- but it is cold, cold here.

So after the swim I left on my one piece wet bathing suit and put on my cycling shorts and jersey and hopped on the bike for 20minutes and froze my ass off. Not a good race day plan. So I table that, do a short run and drop off my bike and bike gear bag. As TB said- it kind of feels like dropping off your child. We said goodbye and then had to go deal with run gear drop off- with this split transition race it is a ginormous task to do anything. Another location, more parking, walking and delivering our bike to run bags. My bag is full...again will it be 50 and howling wind and will I be freezing and want dry clothes and a long sleeve shirt or will it be warm? So I have running shoes, socks, hat, shorts, long sleeve shirt, Vaseline (for my feet- helps with blisters) and a menagerie of other things in there.

Finally we are done and we hit this local coffee spot that looks cool- and well it is very cool-

Super trendy and nice peeps working there. Every cup of coffee is individually pressed and each espresso drink the beans are ground and pressed the old fashion way- no punching buttons like Starbucks. They have all kinds of flavors but not like toffee nut and other traditional syrups. I chose Root- which was molasses, vanilla and brown sugar. It was delicious. Super cool spot but if you are in a rush.....forget it- slow but worth it when you have the time.

We got home at 4 and it was nearly time to eat- I eat prerace meal at 5pm. So we cooked up a mound of fusili pasta and begin the carbo stuffing...not really but only before a race do I eat a bowl of white pasta with mild marinara sauce. By 7 I am horizontal and reading and by 8:30 actually feeling tired- yes, a good night sleep. I drift off and wake up later thinking it must be midnight- not exactly it was 8:45 and so the sleepless pre race night began. snooze wake up, snooze wake up.

Of course laying there I stressed over what to wear....the night before I decided swim in bathing suit bottom and sports bra. Strip wet suit and change into tri shorts and tri jersey over my wet sports bra add vest and arm warmers. I was so worried the night before I actually got wet and put on my tri to just to see if I could do it quickly. I was satisfied and then KP says now go soak your hands in an ice bath and see how your fingers work...hmmm good point- but I just cannot hop on the bike soaking wet in this weather. My arm warmers are not your traditional warmers but a great recommendation by my buddy Caroline G. Cute knee socks from Target and cut the feet out of them. This so if it gets hot you can toss them without worry...$2. I found a very cool pair of green argyle socks. So that is my plan....

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